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RetroGameCon 2019 - Upstate NY - IntellivisionRevolution BOOTH


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Another pixel artist.


Earlier, a podcaster came by and interviewed me regarding FUBAR.  He usually just covers Nintendo stuff, but he was so intigued with a game that looks like what Splatoon would have been if it was released thirty years earlier.  It will be on runjumpstomp.com


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You want more pics?  I took a bunch this morning, before the event started.  Between the time change and the fact I'm probably the only vendor who didn't bother going to the after party last night, it was quiet when I arrived.





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2 hours ago, Zendocon said:

The cosplay free photo shoot is about to begin, but I got a head start.  Here's Commander Keen, Kingdom Hearts, and the daughter of Bowser and Peach now grown up.


Do you if she is supposed to be the daughter of Peach & Bowser or if she is supposed to Bowsette?



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I did the retro gaming convention that came to Hartford, CT (I live in CT), I enjoyed it but, found a lot of prices were better on eBay.  I was looking for some stuff but, as it's odd ball stuff, I could not find them there.


I did score tickets for PAX East, that will be going to in February. Cant wait for that one... 

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Here are a few more shots, as I sort through them.


A kid's cosplay entry, a giant Game Boy costume.


Sydney Hunter games for NES and SNES (CollectorVision was on site).


An Intellivision at the Console Museum running Donkey Kong.  I found out who was in charge and donated some games so kids could have a better first impression of the Intellivision.  Tron Deadly Discs ended up on display instead as a result.


An old ad displayed in the Computer Museum section.  "640K ought to be enough for anybody."


A very cool mock-up of an 80's living room, with an NES running a looping demo of an indie title.  NESMaker was on display there as well.


I'm not sure at the moment if I already posted a picture of the Brown Box, but if so, it bears repeating.  This was at the Leonard Herman table.







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