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Atari 2600 Heavy Six was good and now dead after capacitor replacement


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Hi to all I'm new here but have already learned a lot,I bought a 2600 heavy six and just had to replace the RF cable to get it up and running,it had a little distortion to the left when you played games so I decided to recap the big 2000 uf 16 volt cap with a 2000 uf 35 volt.The unit worked before the cap replacement but now when you turn it on it doesn't even produce a picture just white snow no signal. The voltage reg is working fine 5.1 on output .01 on the ground pin and and I think it was 9 or 10 on the input. The power adapter is up there around 15 volts but drops under load to 10.4,the cap I replaced is charging at 10.4,all the traces seem to be good I've checked for continuity through the ribbon cable,all the chips ,switches and the ground traces,it all seems to check out as far as that goes.I haven't checked for voltage across the chips cause I need to map out what gets what and from where.I reinstalled the old cap and the same deal,I'm thinking that just replacing one cap that everyone  else has shouldn't have killed this thing.As far as I can see I didn't see or feel any kind of static discharge but who knows.I have the complete refresh kit from console5 and new TIA chip,riot and mpu on the way, plus I have plenty of buffer chips. I did find the Mpu socket is raised up on one end from the board itself but it checks good for continuity I think it was just a sloppy solder job from the factory it worked before so I think it should be ok. I want to do the static field manual updates before I install the new chips.I'm thinking I had a static discharge or the sixer was getting ready to die ,I only had it a couple of weeks before the cap swap.Is there any kind of signal I can read from the Rf cable coming out of the Rf modulator to see if its out putting the right amount of voltage etc? I want to keep this as is no av mods so any help would be great thanks.

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The capacitor only affects the higher voltage side, and you say you still get 5V out?  That ought to be enough to at least change from static to non-static when you turn it on.  I hate to offer the obvious stuff, but it sure seems like there shouldn't be anything wrong with the 2600 itself.  RF cable good and plugged in tight?  Plugged into the TV?  TV on the right channel?  Are you using an RF switcher?  Is it switched to the right input?

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I'm not using the rf switch box I'm using the rca to f adapter plug.Well that's what I thought too ,"why isn't this thing working"it has me scratching my head a bit Iv'e tried it on three different tvs and nothing. That's why I was thinking that maybe there is something wrong in the rf box.

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