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Usb Paddle for 2017 FB Portable

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Since i came across the Paddle for the Atari Portable by Lovablechevy:


i had the Idea for a Usb Paddle for the Legit 2017 Atari Flashback Portable

i have the following ingredients:

that Atari Paddle Thingy from Basic fun (without the Docking Station)


and a mini usb (USB B) game controller for the Handheld Famiclones from the Flea Market (Model JD-2008)

in the Attachment is a picture of Both Ingredients.

is it possible to make such a thing?

may i get a guide to do this?


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On 8/24/2019 at 7:32 AM, Nukey Shay said:

'Kay...you wire the pot to the USB plug.  Then what?  The portable's USB port is only used to charge its battery.

no, First the Cable from that Flea Market Controller should be hacked into the Atari Basic Fun Paddle thingy, and this the way it should work

even if the USB Port only has the Charging Purpose, i gave a very good idea for making accessories

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