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7800 HSC 2019 starts Sept. 15


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If there are no objections, I will start a new HSC contest on Sept. 15. It will have 10 rounds, and last to the end of the year. Winner receives a cheap ($5 or less) atari themed mystery package.

If you have any game requests or other suggestions, post theme here.

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Another suggestion if it's acceptable.  At some point could we do another "variety pack" round of less enjoyable games like we have in some past seasons, where one round has 2 - 4 games?  So stuff that's not as enjoyable (e.g. Jinks, Karateka, Water Ski, etc.) get combined together so we do play them at some point (otherwise I never, ever, ever break out some of these games at all).  Maybe adjust the points so that each game is worth less than a full round. 


I also strongly second Dungeon Stalker, which is a fantastic one to save for the Halloween round. 

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Pole Position II (Combined score = Test + Fuji + Seaside + Suzuka)

Pac-Man Collection (my greatest suggestion)


Dungeon Stalker (Standard, for Halloween round)

Crack'ed (Normal)

Galaga (Expert)

Tank Command

Water Ski

Xenophobe (Expert)

Other Homebrews (Crazy Brix, Froggie, Serpentine, Wasp! and Super Circus AtariAge)

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