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Problem with Atari Flashback 9

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Hello guys!:)

Sorry for my english! I have a serious problem with my new Atari Flashback 9.


I have used fine the console with original firmware. Yesterday i have installed the custom firmware for adding other roms to sd card. I have purchase a new Kingston 8gb microsd card with adapter, and i have copied the update on the microsd card.

The update process have finished regularly, and on reboot the "SD Card" option have been added.


The problem is that after the installation of custom firmware, any game does not work. All original games (in console memory) not work. And obviously all game copied on sd card, have the same problem.

When i press the start button, a black screen appears.....and seems to be loading the game. But after 2 seconds, the previous screen returns.

I have tried to install the official firmware, but the problem is the same.


Please help me!!:)



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On 9/2/2019 at 5:37 AM, Flojomojo said:

How are your ROMs named?

I have resolved!:)

Simply changing the hdmi monitor. With a different monitor, the console works regularly (also the games on sd card).

It's strange, but i thought it was a power supply problem. Indeed, in the new workstation i could connect the console power supply directly to the socket.

Differently, in the old workstation (where the console didn't work), the power supply was connect on power strip.


Anyway, the important thing is that the console works! Thanks for helping me!

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