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HSC16 Round 17 Poll - Classics


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Classic games make up the poll, after so many platformers it's time to lock and load ?


I'll try and add the poll with this but if it doesn't show (again) then vote here by telling me stuff ;)


Missile Command








Past Finder








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I'm torn between Missile Command and Pastfinder. If we play Missile Command I'll be forced to play loads until I get close to my top score! On the other hand I want to have some more time on Pastfinder cos I always think it looks good but haven't played it much (shame I sold my cart a while back ?)

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For those not keeping score, here's how it's looking so far:


Missile Command:  3

Galaxian:  3

Past Finder:  2 3

Millipede:  0


This is based on some folks picking multiple games.  Waiting for a decision from McKong and TRBB, so there could be a tie-breaking vote in there between the two of them.

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Poor old Millipede, I feel sorry for it on 0 so might change my vote, only kidding ?


Re the polls - I did contact admin but thought I'd give it one more try, and you can see how that turned out. Perhaps if I make the next one auto-close it will work.

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