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Final Fantasy / JRPG style game work in progress


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I have been toying around with IntyBASIC in free time and had been attempting an engine of sorts for a JRPG (Final Fantasy / Dragon Quest, 8-bit era) type game on the platform.   I don't know if I will make a real game out of this, but figured I would share some progress in an early demo that has some similar mechanics, along with the source if anyone would want to look at it.


Again, this is a rough work in progress, but felt it had some potential and thought others might get a kick out of it.



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Thank you!  This has been something I have been most recently working on with spare time, and slowly it has shaped into something that is beginning to resemble a game.


Intellivania has not really been worked on in some time, although it has been in a mostly finished state.  All the levels are there, as are the bosses, and music excluding the ending theme.  Everything for the first loop feels pretty comparable with the NES version, although the second loop additions are not all there.  There still may be some bugs to work out, and I really need to take the time and play through it again.   

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4 hours ago, skywaffle said:

Are you using jzintv to run the game?  If so, you might need to use the switch -s0 to get it to run, as I have had issues with some of my other projects. 


Here is a short video of it running on an emulator. 


Wow. That is awesome.

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3 minutes ago, grips03 said:

Now I just saw Prince of Persia demo.  You are awesome!

Thank you very much!  I plan to upload this and the source soon for people to play around with, but have been just doing some various touch ups.  I will also be posting a new video of it on Youtube hopefully in the next day or so showing the progress on it, it's come a ways since the previous video, much of the platforming type aspects are working pretty nicely (climbing up/down, jumping, walking and running).

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You should seriously consider making a 'blank' RPG engine based on this code....kind of like the old Adventure Construction Set for c-64!

this could almost pass for Nintendo quality graphics, pretty damn amazing for this console!

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