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2019 HSC Round 2:


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There are ten rounds, and each round has an appropriate theme.

Since this is the first week of Fall, we're playing games with falling objects. Games like...



Settings: Standard

Difficulty Switches: N/A

HSC Record: Gorfy 372,731


Top Score gets 10 points


Bonus: Crack'ed

Settings: Normal

Difficulty Switches: N/A

HSC Record: Gorfy 57,700


Top Score gets 5 points


ROUND 2 ENDS OCTOBER 7, 11:59 est


Final Scores:

Desert Falcon:

10 Oyamafamily 98,596

 9 LidLikesIntellivision 31,681

 8 AtariFever 29,815

 7 Dr Moocowz 16,798

 6 BydoEmpire 16,675

 5 JBlenkle 14,291

 4 Toiletunes 12,052



5 Dr Moocowz 37,600

4 OyamaFamily 18,500

3 Toiletunes 7,100


The points as of round 1:

OyamaFamily 14

Toiletunes 14

AtariFever 9

Dr Moocowz 9

LidLikesIntellivision 8

ClassicGMR 5

JBlenkle 5

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