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Little My's Scavenger Hunt (Hack of Pitfall!)


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My latest hack is another Moomin-related game.  In this game you take on the role of Little My.  Stinky is at it again!  This time he stole Moominpappa's hat, Snork's glasses, The Hobgoblin's hat, and Moominmama's purse.  Being the inexperienced thief that he is, Stinky dropped all his loot!  Your job is to pick up as many of the items as you can in 20 minutes!  Of course there are obstacles in your way like Stinky himself, you have to swing over pitfalls and the mamelukes, Snufkin's fire, and if you try to go underground the hattifatteners are out to get you.  Who knew the woods in Moomin Valley were so dangerous?  But as you know, Little My isn't afraid of anything!  

c_little my 1.jpg

c_little my 2.jpg

Little My's Scavenger Hunt.bin

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