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Mike Chi Retrotink and new products


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Bob at RetroRGB presented a great interview with Mike Chi, the creator of the Retrotink: https://www.retrorgb.com/interview-with-retrotink-creator-mike-chi.html
  1. So is it $50 for each system per new HDMI solution?  I know they are basically a RetroTink condensed into a small form factor and with S-Video removed. Do I buy one of these, and separate console adapter cables or do I need to buy one for each supported console? If the latter, wouldn't one RetroTink be the better buy where I can then plug all current cables into that AND have S-Video options?
  2. I like the Genesis one where I'd have native RGB out converted to HDMI. I can even use that on my hdmi to SVideo adapter and hopefully have better video on my S-video tv than if I just used composite cables, yes?
Future product pipe dream:
Original XBOX: I was not impressed with the Pound cable for Sega and hesitate to buy the Pound hdmi cable for XBOX.  Are there any future plans for a Mike Chi product of original xbox with HDMI adapter 
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