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NEW GAME: Block On Legs: First Steps v1.1

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We'll it's all go here in Atariland... lots of new games, a new Pro(c) Atari Magazine, a bunch of new players eager to play in the high score club, ok maybe that's pushing it too far?! Anyhoo here's the much improved version of my game, originally entered into the abbuc software contest 2019!

Block On Legs: First Steps v1.1

Checkout the superb instructions artwork, thanks again RedThunder ?

Block On Legs v1.1.ATR

Block On Legs v1.1.pdf



Have fun


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3 hours ago, Roydea6 said:

I have been playing off and on for about a week, but now I am play around with the last disk+ just now offered and now also works with my SDrive Max.

Does that mean the ATR does not run on the SDrive Max?

Homesoft has created a single file version on Disk #449 of the game, not sure if the High Score Table still saves, if it is ran from a DOS menu it may work :ponder:



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Thanks guys :thumbsup:


If you've got kids stick the game on f'ly mode [F] and they can have fun flying around collecting the gems.


My 6 year old niece was over at the weekend and after trying various joysticks she got on best with the Quickshot which was more stable on the desk, she couldn't really manage to move and jump (speed 3) but I forgot to try it on Speed [5] slow, with [6] for extra slow walking so it might have been ok. Also enable the "basement" [9] feature. She completed the first 2 levels and would have carried on further, it was good to watch :)


The sounds are just simple loops by trial and error. I think after a while players may be able to beat level 1-12 from the start having the 3 extra lives for each level,  but the others may be a case of starting on each one and trying to beat them in the 10 lives ;)

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