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Phoenix import in Europe rejected due to "CE"-label


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I am located in Germany and yesterday I had a rather disappointing issue with german customs and the Phoenix....


This week I was contacted by them  that I had to come by to their "service-point" for picking up a parcel that normally is delivered to my home.

That ain't the first time that happened. It mostly happens if I order stuff from abroad like US, Canada, Asia.


Reason is that european import tax is not visible on the parcel and they can't identify what's in the parcel. 

So I thought, ok this is business as usual. Go to their service-point, open the package so they can look inside and charge you import tax

(which they always do on both product value and shipping costs, go figure).


However, this time was different. They instructed me to open the package and they inspected the Phoenix looking for the "CE" Label (Conformité Européenne).

Then they told me that the "CE" Label on the Phoenix game console is not valid, because it is just a sticked-on label.

To be a valid "CE" Label it must be imprinted in the console case.


Basically I had 2 options; either allow them to send the parcel with the Phoenix back to Collectorvision or send the Phoenix to German Telekom so they

can do a "CE" validation, which probably would take a year or so, would have costed me thousands of euros and low chance on successful validation.


So long story short, they did not allow import of the game console into Germany and as such I was not allowed to take it home.

Very frustating finally briefly holding the Phoenix in your hands and then to let it go.  Customs is now in the process of sending the parcel back to Collectorvision.


I'm counting on Collectorvision to refund the phoenix as Paypal insurance doesn't help here because 180 days warranty period has passed. 

This is all very disappointing as I preordered the game console in May 2019, 


So what is to be learned out of this:


1. When shipping to Europe (especially Germany) make sure European import taxes are paid in advance. That increases chance that customs doesn't check package contents.

2. Perhaps Collectorvision needs to check "CE" Conformity of the Phoenix once again, especially regarding positioning of the "CE"-label. Not as a stick-on label but imprinted in the console itself?


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Wow, that is the very definition of a nightmare experience! Especially since others in Germany received their units without customs inspection. Seems rather unfair, to have waited all that time in anticipation, then to be slapped in the face like that. And, I can't imagine that you want to risk importing another Phoenix into Germany for the fear of same thing happening. Hope this will all be made right, it is not your fault at all.

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Thanks for the replies. 


Not sure what I'm going to do next. I guess I'm somehow blacklisted at customs. But I don't know why that be the case. I'm a collector and rarely sell stuff.

Anyway if I go down the Phoenix road again, I'd try to buy it used in Europe. At least if the price is reasonable/the same. But that won't happen anytime soon/ever I suppose.


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1 hour ago, high voltage said:

If the Phoenix was in its original sealed box (besides the packing parcel), you should've said that you cannot open the item box, as it is for collecting purposes only. Worked for me (with a different item).

Unfortunately the Phoenix doesn’t have that type of packaging

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