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Elevator Events (Channel F WIP)


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15 hours ago, e5frog said:

Nice to see the progress!


There seems to be some odd things happening with controls, need to kind of "double click" to start from start screen. 


Timer gets messed up on the first jump at the end, you might be adding score in the timer area. 
... or perhaps the timer is supposed to be reset but graphics is "out of bounds", haven't checked the code but decimal adjusted or not? 


Yup, debugger shows timer in 'O'76 (register 62) resets to $FF instead of $99 where it originally starts. 


Summing of scores is made hexadecimal at the moment:
88 + 98 = 120

instead of

88 + 98 = 186

Note I've tested in your latest build 10a, I'm using mess64 (0210b):


1: one press for start screen gets me to gameplay

2+4: Score is increasing by remaining time, then time resetting to 99 as intended (I believe), I tested a few things like waiting for timer to nearly count down, but in mess it was working correctly. All scores appeared to be counting correctly in base 10.


Hope that helps.


I'm rubbish at these games due to impatience, so it took me awhile to clear a screen! But it appears to work as intended and resets ok.

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I'm usually running MESS 0.133.


I figured out why it was difficult starting the game, my controller-adapter uses a "double Atari-style joystick USB adapter" and I wired it to use second controller F/B/L/R for U/D/CW/CCW but MESS thinks the second Windows controller input is supposed to be used for the second joystick in the emulation even though "Joystick 2" had all movements set to n/a. Fixed by setting controller 2 up to something else. 
Push down resulted in downwards movement on controller 2 as well, which messed things up for some reason.


I'm guessing it's this readController code that doesn't like it, as it will exit the subroutine with downwards movement on left controller in my case. 
Pushing my controller the "right way" would make it pop into the subroutine quick enough to sense only the push down movement... I think. ;-)

It's not normal behavior for normal gaming but the code posted in reply #8 would have handled it, it does need a "com" before pop, if you don't want to change anything else in the code.  


    ; see one of the hand controllers is moved
    outs    0
    outs    4
    ins    4
    com                            ; un-invert port data
    ni    $cf                        ; mask off twists, since we don't use them
    bnz    readControllerEnd
    outs    1
    ins    1
    ni    $cf





Timer doesn't reset and go from $FF anymore (which it did in v9) - good.  It does however go ...03,02,01,02 (and loose a life), turns red and changes to 99, turns green and continues.
Points are also added correctly (decimal add, as it didn't in v9) - thumbs up. 





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I'm having a stupid problem with the life counter. I tried to make them little guys. They work the first time around, but if you get a game over and then start the game again, the shirt's upper part (green part) gets all out of whack. I have absolutely no idea what's causing it and, thus, how to fix it. I've attached the code and stuff.



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I had to resort to making the screen reset after each game. Not what I wanted to do, but it is the only thing that worked. Next up: Designing a better title screen screen and composing music for it.

I was thinking while looking at the title screen for this game that a skiing game would be interesting for the Channel F. Something like Activision's Skiing for the Atari 2600, only for the Channel F. Or perhaps I was just thinking that because it has been snowing a lot today (but too warm for it to actually stick.)


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I had an idea to maybe make the game better. So I went back and simplified the code. While it's still not as perfect as I'd like it to be, it's better than it was. The problem was too much code for the drawing of the guy. So now he's naked. Or perhaps I should make it not be a human?


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