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Odyssey 2 Console Variants?


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I recently came across an Odyssey2 complete in box still in the plastic wrap with 6 games complete in box for a killer deal! A pawn shop had it at 50% off its base price of $100 for Black Friday. I already have a CIB Odyssey2 at home but I couldn't pass up on the deal. When I got home I opened my Odyssey2 and just for curiosity sake compared it to the one I purchased at the pawn shop. There are some differences, and I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light on why this may be? Is it that I simply have an earlier model and a later model Odyssey2? Any history behind why they made these changes? Thanks for any info! 5.thumb.jpg.83b04ff0d5617230d5e7d522a8b58b9a.jpg






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I can't tell for US models, but Euro models (Videopac) had at least 3 big variants :

- model with built-in or external power supply

- model with hardwired controllers

- model with DIN connectors for detachable joysticks

- model with DB9 connectors for detachable joysticks


To my understanding, models with external PSU and hardwired are older ones, model with DB9/DIN joystick connectors and built-in PSU came after.

I'm not sure which, from the DIN ot DB9 models, came first.

One would be tempted to say DIN then DB9, but this is contradicted by the fact that the Videopac+, released in 1983, only had DIN joysticks.

On the other hand, Thomson computers used Videopac joysticks (a special "computer beige" variant) and it seems that the DIN came first then the DB9 second, as early Thomson add-on modeuls mostly use DIN, but built-in joytick connectors on the Thomson TO8 are DB9 so...?




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I had the red-button, hardwired one. I think it was the second revision, but I'm not sure. 


Usually these variants exist because it's cheaper to cut out components. In this case I would think hardwiring the controllers allows you to not put the connectors on the board, and eliminates the problem of bent pins. It's not as if there were other controller types to plug into this system anyway. 

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Impressive. I never really though they would go with different ways, but that make sense, since the Videopac was more successfull, they probably had more choice in how to manufacture the systems.

I suppose that in addition, there were the early European models made in the US, the models made in France (henc why we had more models than the rest of Europe) and I was told that Philips also made them in the Netherlands, so each factory probably made choices depending on their budgets and the importance of the market.


They don't say it, but apparnetly the US models never got an internal power supply?

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Conception issue and/or Magnavox cheapening out on the PSU. I only have one Videopac on the 4 I own with external PSU, and I see no issue with the others, save for the power switch breaking on the Videopac+ (a common occurence with all 80's Euro electronics so no big surprise here).

And poorly ventilated? This thing is all hollow and there are giant vents on the back, except for adding a fan, I can't see how better it could get! Even with the absurd US shielding it would be more than adequate.

About that, it appears that they were experimenting with switching power supplies with the later Videopac and Videpac+, so US importers reported their Videopac+ machine working flawlessly on 120V 60 htz... It sure is another quality than a cheap wall hog.

Note that not all of them are compatible. But I suppose that many people were afraid to destroy theirs an never experimented with direct plugging.

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