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Letters Printed On CRT


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I got my Commodore 1702 yesterday, and except for some scuffs and scratches, it was jn prety good shape. Even had the cover for the knobs!(No idea why a lot of 1701s and 1702s have missing knob cover doors...) Anyways, when I hooked my VIC-20 up with the monitor and turbed it on, I noticed a date printed on the top of the screen. It stayed on whether I turned it on or off, or hooked up diffent systems like my Genesis and Super Famicom. Is there any(easy) way to remove this? What could have caused it?


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Looks like crt burn to me. This happens when the phosphors in the tube become damaged by having the same image displayed for extended periods of time with the brightness turned up too high. Very common with arcade machines. Looks like yours fell victim to a vcr or home video camera...


There is no proper fix for crt burn. Your best bet is to find a compatible crt tube and swap the burned one out. A quick google search suggests "fixing" the burn by displaying an all white screen for several hours, but mind you this will just damage all the phosphor in the tube thus creating one giant burn. Do so at your own risk.

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