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Bike Warriors II


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  • 2 weeks later...

I went a little further in the development. Now you can die if a biker manages to disappear in the horizon without being killed.

To kill them press the button and you will turn on the spotlights. There is a line in the middle that works as the crosshair. When it touches a biker it is killed without pressing any button. Assuming you are aiming the spotlight to where they are.

The crosshair sometimes is not seen because of your windshield. Then the separator of the two windshields will be the crosshair.


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1 hour ago, stephena said:

It looks like this on every emulator I tested, as well as real hardware.

I'm unsurprised that it's not a Stella bug. I was just wondering if there was something that worked, since I would have thought someone would have noticed before now given the number of downloads. 

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1 hour ago, gfvh said:

Maybe it's not a bug, there is a rear-view mirror in the top part of the screen. Is that maybe why you think it is a bug?

I think in part I wasn't understanding the interface partially because the separating lines are uneven. Here's a video clip that shows a crash a few seconds into play. Stella 6.4, Developer mode off:



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Sorry but I could not avoid "lol" at your video. That is when you loose "3 lives", that means, three waves of bikers escape being killed by your gun. I know it is difficult to understand for someone that does not know in advance what is happening. That is why I put a manual in the zip. Maybe you downloaded directly the bin. It's my fault for spreading so many different files around the thread. The manual itself is part of the game, given that there are ciphered texts there needed to be decyphered with keys given in the game. That is a lame way to show complexity without the player knowing the "plot" in advance. :)

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Fair enough. I wasn't trying to actually play in the video; just reproduce what I thought was the game crash I saw previously, and do a screen record of it. Now that I know the display and endgame are as intended, I can take a closer look and figure out how to play properly after looking at the manual.  ? 

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