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Giant reptile monster


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You are a giant reptile monster and your job is to burn the guy. I'll be adding more, way more. Like stuff for the giant reptile monster to avoid and not set on fire. And a score. But this took a lot of agonizing hours to do. I think the name "Godzilla" is trademarked. So I have to use the name "Giant reptile monster." Stupid trademarks.


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Added a title screen and changed some other stuff. I think I'll add some power lines later. I'll use the letter T which will make it easier I think. The new monster's name is Goshzila. I wanted it to be Goshzilla, but that's 9 letters and I wanted 8 for the sake of less code. Actually, Goshzila is further away from Godzilla.


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Added a time limit for the fire. When Action is pressed and he runs out, he won't do anything and the score will turn red. That means his fire breath is recharging. The score will change back to white when it's done. I can change how long Goshzilla has his fire ability. Also, the guys run around better so it's harder to char them. Merry X-mas!


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I don't know whether I should change the name. I like the Garugula suggestion, but I like Goshzilla as well since it's a humorous name. Anyway, added a timer. You have 9 seconds to burn a human. If you don't, the game ends. I am going to add a game over sequence so the player doesn't accidentally press fire right away and starts the game over immediately when he dies because I've done that a couple of times. And I'm going to change a couple of other things as well.


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