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Super Retrocade Emulation Problems


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Hey guys,


Was wondering if anyone could give some input.  I just bought the Super Retrocade system (Version 1.1 by Retrobit).  Anyone who is familiar with this device knows that you can add more games easily with an SD Card.   I tried adding some core games such as Marvel Vs Capcom and XMen Vs Streetfigher,  however the Retrocade does not recognize the Zip files for the Roms.   In fact it doesn't recognize any zip files.   I was only able to get some old NES Roms working because they are Document Files such as "Mario2.nes"  But if I try to add any ".zip" files.   It simply does not work.  I'm confused because there are videos on Youtube of people adding 1,000+ games on this thing.   Am I missing something?   I'm using a SanDisk 16GB SD Card.  I have a Macbook Pro as well.  Could these Rom files just be bad?   



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.zip files are only used for MAME on the Retrobit.  I have been able to get only gameboy, nes, Snes and a couple Genesis (.bin) files to work. TG 16 games seem to work too. It seems to need the file extenders to be in lower case, but that doesn't always help. I can't get any Megadrive to work no matter what I name them. 

For the few games I have been able to get to work, if you create a png file with the game name and the word "game" added to it, it will show up with the image in the menu. 
for example "Galaga.bin" and "Galagagame.png" work as a pair in the menu. 

I'm still working through bunch of old roms from my retro pi to see what works. I'm a little disappointed so far, but there do seem to be torrents of pre-created rom packs for it out on some sites, but I'm not going that route yet. 

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on an american retrocade you can add arcade games but on a european retrocade they won't run (they will flash and get you back to the menu). However, you can get them to run by installing a custom firmware. You'll need to put the firmware on a memorycard (in the back of your retrocade) then install the gameroms on a usbstick (in usb port 2). Don't worry, you'll still be able to play in multiplayer by using a usbhub on usb port 1. Here is the link for the firmware : https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-custom-firmware-for-the-super-retrocade.550116/

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