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Looking for inverted charset


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1 hour ago, BeeryMiller said:

I'm using Windows 10 with Edge. Also tried with Internet Explorer.  Neither played the video file.


Outside chance my home system may play it as I use it for a lot of video editing and it may have other codecs installed.



try chrome or brave 

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17 hours ago, GDMike said:

This is what I did with the information


My DSL connection runs 155KiB/s(155 thousand bytes/sec.) That's 9.3 MegaBytes per minute. It took 28 minutes to download the video.:twisted:
I can only imagine it would take me well over an hour to upload such a video! I don't suppose the server is transconverting this crazily.
What could you be using...:ponder:


When opening a page with many such videos, each video takes about 15 sec. to "pop open". The page jumps to a new position each time, making for an absolutely obnoxious reading experience.:roll:


Have you ever tried to watch one of your videos on AtariAge?


Sometimes I imagine you have a backbone connection to the internet, and are not aware. This makes me feel like a peasant!:rolling:


I am surprised to hear that others' are able to play these... Maybe I'm still living in the past... Is Dial-up still an option.:grin: 


some info...



Yes, at this CPU Usage level... nothing else works!:o

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I saved the file to see if the your size was different

VID_20200211_095929592.mp4.c9633e537fe4e7ba6bd3b6cf65910f32.mp4  284.6Mb  on my Mac.

So no material difference.


So this is a good warning.  Thanks. I will now only use Youtube links for video.


DSL performance over telco lines is very dependant on your distance from the "central office" as it is called.  Your data rate might indicate that you are near the distance limit for DSL.  As an old RF guy, it always amazed me that it works at all since they are essentially using twisted pairs, designed to pass low bandwidth audio, to conduct low frequency RF signals. :) 


For comparison I just checked my data rate over cable television circuit/modem and fast.com says I am averaging 45 Mbps.  I live just outside of a small city half way between Detroit Michigan and Toronto. (if you drew a line between them on a map)  

Not a major metropolis, 380,000 people.

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