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Just got a sad Atari Portfolio...


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I opened up the battery compartment to put batteries in, and immediately saw the blue goop of death.  Tried cleaning it off best that I could, put in fresh batteries, and get nothing when I press the O key.  At least I think that's the power on, from what I saw on YouTube.


I took it apart and cleaned off the other side of the batteries (which didn't look too terrible) but it almost looks like some solder joints near the open end were a little burned, and it still won't boot after cleaning off more of the leaked acid.  Anywhere else I should really check?  I assume this is a fairly common issue...

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Did a good cleaning, filed off some gunk of the battery connection, put it back together and.. we have power!

Then I looked, it had some thick black grime on it, which weirdly only washed off with my 99.9% ISO.  Not sure if that's a common thing, or mine was used in an oil shop!

Now of course the question... how to get software on it... haha.  I saw someone did a compilation, but it needs a 128kb memory card, and I only have a 32KB one.

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