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Mockups (free for all)


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9 hours ago, carlsson said:

Maybe a candidate... it may look very simplistic but it is a fun game plus that I realized a few graphic symbols still are missing so the 4 GRAM remaining would definitely come into use.


Looks cool, thank you for sharing.


By the way, some of those look like they could be pulled from GROM, no?



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1 hour ago, carlsson said:

Yes, a few of the lines might exist in GROM. It might enable me to use pastel foreground colours too, and with effectively one background I would not have to worry so much about the color stack.


Sounds good.  You could also use the Color Stack judiciously to fill in the colour of the hills, the sky, and the ground. ;)




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Good call, at least 8 of the symbols could be obtained in GROM. A few more had the right patten but at the wrong pixel line which would be possible to compensate for but the ability to recover 8 GRAM should be plenty enough (if I ever go ahead and turn this into more than a mock-up).

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