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2020 HSC Round 2 T:ME Salvo


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Standard controls

Ends April 8


HSC record: 15,480 S.BAZ. Beat the record for +2 Bonus Points!


Totals as of round 1:

12 Toiletunes

11 Dr Moocowz


7 gambler172

6 roadrunner

5 oyamafamily

4 JohnnyBritish

3 jblenkle


Scores this round:

11,960 oyamafamily 10

10,180 Dr Moocowz 9

9,880 troff 8

6,700 Toiletunes 7

5,180 BydoEmpire 6

3,200 roadrunner 5

720 jblenkle 4

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5 hours ago, Dr Moocowz said:



Took a few games to get warmed up. I definitely had some silly deaths adjusting to standard controls.



Wow, that's a great score!  Any tips?  I find this a really, really tough game.  I tend to lose track of my player with so much going on all over the screen.

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4 hours ago, BydoEmpire said:

Wow, that's a great score!  Any tips?  I find this a really, really tough game.  I tend to lose track of my player with so much going on all over the screen.



- Collecting the 4 dudes and making them survive gets you a nice chunk of points if you make it to the end of the board with them alive (1st dude = 100, 2nd dude = 200, 3rd dude = 400, 4th dude = 800, total of 1500).

- To help collect them, there's these four flashing bars. One of them will start to get bigger, which indicates they're going to be the next one to spawn. Once I spot that, I go next to it (if it's the top 2 spots, they spawn right below the bar; if it's the bottom 2 spots, the spawn right above the bar) and hang out, doing my best to stay in the area without getting killed. It's important to get them right away before they have a chance to wander off and get killed by a baddie.

- The S rockets/bombs are your friends! They will kill all active baddies!, although not instantly (gotten burned by that a few times ?)

- It's tough, but always try to be aware of which column/row you are in and fire a bullet immediately when you see a bad guy entering into the row or column. I know that's most of the game, just try to be hyperaware of it. :)

- After I have all the dudes collected (or they're dead), I like to hangout in a corner to make it 1 row and 1 column to keep an eye on for baddies and fire when one enters. They don't usually respawn right next to you. Although if a bullet is coming from both directions, you got no where to run. :)

- You can a few baddies as the board is loading (when they're running down the sides). That's a tiny little kickstart to complete the level.

- Every 2 completed levels, you'll get a challenge level and the key to it is to figure out the pattern, camp in a spot and blast them all! The first one you might need to see once or twice, but after that, you should be able to get a "PERFECT" fairly easily


Hopefully this stuff is helpful to you all!

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