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TIPI in a Speech Synthesizer Housing?


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For all models of TIPI, disk access requires the PI to be booted. Including the speech module shaped boards. 


There are versions of XB that may let you skip the loading of LOAD... You could hex edit your own XB, and change DSK occurrences to any other 3 letters and that would stop trying to load. 


You could turn on the PI.


You could put a switch on the OE of the 74'245 chip on the board to pull it high when you want the TIPI disabled. 


You could build a different microcontroller that connects to the wires and returns failure codes back to the TIPI. 


You could rewrite the DSR to check for timeouts, and return DEVERR, slowing down all access for healthy operations.


You could reprogram the CPLD to require a state on one of the test pads before enabling the TIPI's bus.




There are lots of choices. 



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