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Virtual Boy Goodwill Auction


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2 hours ago, bluejay said:

I can't believe someone chucked a Virtual Boy at Goodwill! Anyways here's the link if you're interested.

Why?  Locally in the last 3 years I've come across 3.  The first two were asininely priced and just the bare head piece.  The third time was the charm, same price of $75 but was with an eye out complete minus stand but + the ac adapter.  I took this picture right after getting it before doing the repairs (Jan 26 2019) here.  By the end of August being very shrewd and doing repairs to flip and all that I got the entire set for the system then some sharply less than valued.




That said, that price shopgoodwill has is disgusting.  Looks like one of the eyes is out.  They're lying saying it's untested/can't be...they have it up and running clearly and it's right as they said 'for parts.'  I want to say I hope someone won't pay them, but some chump will and regret it after given the cost of repairing it correctly.

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