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DragonKeep - New game release from Reboot!


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It has been a long time since Reboot have released a game for free download, and it is something I've wanted to get back to for a while.  With everyone in lockdown from COVID-19, now seemed like the perfect opportunity to give something out to the community to play with and hopefully have a few hours away from the real world with some fun.

Announcing:  DRAGONKEEP





Flash this to your Skunkboard or copy to your JaguarGD cart to play.

Based on the classic 2600 game "Dragonfire" you must help your King recover all his worldly treasure from a dragon infested castle!


The music was created by Roald Strauss from https://indiegamemusic.com/ and is fully licensed for use.


Artwork for this was sourced from opengameart.org, itch.io and pixabay, and I'd like to thank the following:


MSavioti - Fireball

Revangale - The Raven

Bonsaiheldin - Gold and Treasure icons

djantosh10 - Dungeon Door

Mysticartdesign / 1030 images - Title picture

CharlesGabriel - Dragon

DarkWorkX / 1778 images - Castle interior floor

arikel - Our Hero!

rubberduck - Castle exterior backdrop


The game will likely appear in the future on a compilation of similarly sized projects.  I love working on these smaller games where the focus is on nailing the fun and gameplay, so I think I might do a few more of these until there is enough for a multicart.

If people enjoy this release, we'll run a High Score Competition with a prize.


Anyway, stay safe everyone, say indoors, and WASH YOUR HANDS.

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Wow, Dragonfire was the first game I ever played in the 80s (on my black Irish 2600 Jnr). I so wish I didn't miss out on the Jaguar SD, I was all processed through paypal and waiting for it too. I've been away from the Jag for a while and will go back. My Spectrum Next arrived this week, some of the home brews remind me of Jag ones. Anyway I will have to fire up the skunk for this. Just to say that in the right to left screen it needs to be that you duck and jump to avoid the fire. ??

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4 minutes ago, K3V said:

Sad, but understandable. Thanks for the release though!

No problem.  I wish we were able to share all the things, all the time - but so much makes its way to ebay and then gets sold by unscrupilous turds.

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47 minutes ago, CyranoJ said:

No problem.  I wish we were able to share all the things, all the time - but so much makes its way to ebay and then gets sold by unscrupilous turds.

I'll just be here patiently waiting for my JagGD in the meantime :D

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Thanks all for the comments, hope it brings a little fun into the world for some people.  If it only does that for one person then job done.


Noticed SIXTY-FOUR downloads, hehe, made me laugh :)


We'll sort out a highscore compo for this shortly.  In the meantime: stay safe, everyone.

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22 hours ago, CyranoJ said:

No, it'll end up on eBay.

That are sad news for me and many others I think, that don't have a skunk-board or have been able to catch a GD by now.


I can understand, that you don't want copies to be released, if you run a business. But you offer the game for free (I would even pay some bucks for it, as I like the game play and even want to encourage people to develop things for retro-consoles). Isn't it the best to offer as many games for your beloved console as possible? The more people are playing it, the more love you for your work! 


I understand, that you don't want to help the assholes selling copies of the games to other people that get cheated. But you affect the customers to pay for it as there are people not able to enjoy your game. Is it worth that? Seems to me, as the automotive industry is not producing cars anymore, as there have been seen some overpriced used cars sold on the market.


So please don't missunderstand me: I would like to see games published for the Jaguar. But if it's only published for devices only a few insider own (skunk-board), I don't care. The few Jaguars ever been sold (and the fewer still in use) are not the great business, are they? I think, the remaining players should be united, not divided! 

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