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  I have gone back and reworked 2 of my earliest games now that I have learned more about VCS programming .   I have reworked Alien Revenge , and now I  have reworked Pickle and am relaunching it as "Hot Box", which is another name for a baseball run down .   Graphics are much improved and some gameplay enhancements also.  A few minor glitches to be worked out but pretty much complete.  

Unfortunately 2 player only .


I am dusting off the riddle contest too.   If anyone can solve it (must have screenshot of easter egg screen and explanation of riddle and correct answer), I have a Sega Genesis with a Mario Lemieux Hockey  I can give away , or a cart of  my Atari Pro Golf. 

Enjoy !


Hot  Box 


The runner must be tagged or hit with the ball while off base. Then the players switch roles. First Player to steal 11 bases wins!



1. Press button to throw. Pressing joystick up or down (toward thrower’s base) when throwing will return thrower to their base. Otherwise thrower will stay in place after throw.  Control shifts to other thrower once ball is thrown.

2. Throwers cannot cross the midway line.

3. Thrower cannot stall------ must throw every 12 seconds or runner will earn a point.

4.   Throwers must tag runner out , or “peg”  runner with ball ( if PO difficulty= B )  

5.   Occasional Random throwing errors will happen. 

1. Move runner by moving joystick. Runner must steal a base every 60 seconds while avoiding being tagged or hit with ball.
2. Runner's initial lead-off can be limited while opposite base's thrower holds ball (if P1 difficulty =A)  

3. Runner cannot run too far out of the baseline.

4.  Pressing button will sprint, but you can fall while sprinting!  

5.  If 60 seconds elapses without stealing, runner is automatically out  
There is a riddle hidden in the game. Can you solve it ????   It is interactive with manual and game and baseball history.  








Pickle flier20.pdf HotBox.bin

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We be played Hot Box on Sun Apr 19th's ZeroPage Homebrew stream LIVE on Twitch! We didn't quite solve the riddle but I think we got close!




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I wish I would have known and I would have joined live . Watched the video . 

First of all just wanted to point out a feature that you missed . If you push stick toward your base when you throw , you will retreat to your base . This allows you to “ meet the runner “ back at the base so as to avoid being run past while your other thrower has ball.  Also you can sprint as the runner with button but you might fall down . 

As far as the riddle goes , there is on thing you are missing in order to get the riddle clue .   You have to look closer at the manual.......   I tried to make it hard ?

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That's a really cool looking label.  I love the Hot Box text.  But what happened to the one kid's legs??? Lost 'em to the flaming baseball, or chopped off by the "T"?  Ouch!


I also wanted to add a note about the riddle.  I don't want to spoil the fun for anyone hunting for it, but I could give a clue or two.

- There are letters and numbers in the manual that are significant in finding the Easter Egg screen.

- Once you find the Easter Egg, there are still letters and numbers in the manual that are significant to answer the question.

- When considering the answer to the riddle, look at what everyone has in common, and who's not in the Easter Egg.


The Easter Egg screen was pretty easy to find, but figuring out what the riddle was asking had me pulling my hair out. Hopefully the 3rd clue above will save some ppl from losing their hair like I did.

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