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Eggsavier's Cackleberry Rescue 2020 release


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The Easter Bunny is in trouble! The egg factory is malfunctioning and eggs are falling off the conveyors! You're Eggsavier, Easter Bunny's deputy and it's your job to rescue as many falling eggs as you can.


Choose from one of three difficulty levels and help save Easter!

Speed increases as you rescue more eggs.


In virus mode you must avoid catching viruses to stay alive, but you won't know where they'll fall!


Download it here: https://atarigamer.itch.io/eggsavier


eggsavier2020_5.thumb.png.2c2b6121a8fc6582704237931e95b252.png eggsavier2020_4.thumb.png.76fa433d8a8bfc86e0a6a8ab57dcccdf.png 


eggsavier2020_6.thumb.png.10a8d67408af4bee862ed450b5c3f4d0.png eggsavier2020_3.thumb.png.6fa7c6c0ffc4a2f72ff019ba23e762b5.png


eggsavier2020_2.thumb.png.cd67fdb2908b28667d4b37f4e0f7e400.png eggsavier2020_1.thumb.png.33184b11b4fa0acd795b20804004c463.png


This is a 2020 re-release of the original game, with some improvements to graphics, some new sounds and a new 'virus' game mode. Perfect to play while in isolation this Easter weekend!



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