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"Android Recovery" problem - atari flashback 9 gold

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Hi everyone,

Someone can help me?


After an update, I got a freeze a few times, tried to fix it and ended up screwing up the console - before there were freezes, but it was playable. Now after the screen with the "atgames" logo, this screen appears in the attachment, I tried all the menu options, nothing worked. I tried to use "adb" and "android tool 2.69", but I don't know what to do. I think that only someone with more knowledge can help with this software problem, perhaps copying the original files of another model to my console. I'm sorry to sell the damaged atari.



error atari flashback gold 9.png

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Hi Draxxon, “apply update from SD card” with the firmware didn’t resolves because the screen returned, tough the apparently installed . I used every option of the menu, “mount/system” had an error. I tried to install the firmware with the “android toll” (nand usb) too. I think the system is empty, or without system files, cache, emulator, kernel. So confused, I have no idea.

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Help!  I've tried following these threads on adding ROMs via SD for a Flashback 9 (AR3050).  I don't know if I've got confused when referring back to this site as there are several threads on the subject, but something went wrong.  The console just gets stuck at the AtGames logo now.   Following suggestions on this site, I've opened the device and powered it on while holding the reset switch on the PCB and get the same problem as others above.   Seems to have no partitions, "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" doesn't work, "Wipe cache partition", "Mount /system" and "View recovery logs" fail as their respective partitions cannot be found.  "Apply update from SD card" also doesn't work as it's not seeing the SD card contents, just ".."

I cannot afford to just throw this away. It was a present and only arrived 24 hours ago!  By opening it up to reset it, I've lost any chance of getting a replacement or sending it back. 

There has to be a way to reflash this.

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I fixed the problem myself by making a USB cable to connect to the PCB, then from Linux I re-flashed each partition individually including the boot partition, kernel, recovery etc. etc.  The thing that was difficult to source was a dump of the entire NAND partitions, which is not the same as the user updates - they only update the emulator and rom partitions without touching the underlying OS.

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