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Jaguar HSC_SEASON 14_Game Selection

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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 14 Game Selection




Congratulations to our top three finishers from last season Machine, doctor_shred, and masematte!  


Congrats on a great season and winning an awesome prize! The HSC will be taking a short break and returning with a new Season (14--did 13 already) on May 1st 2020! 




**Please let me know below the top 10 games you would like to see in season 14.**



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I do think a good balance is key. Participation seems to be lower for non-retail games. At the same time we have been doing HSC for a long time and the retail games have all been played. That doesn't mean there isn't more fun to be had with them.

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I agree @Hyper_Eye, maximum participation is important.  It's always good to see new challengers entering the fold.


Here are some suggestions from me:


Ultra Vortek (I'm fairly sure this game scores your progress)

Flip Out (good choice masematte)

Atari Karts

Xenon 2 Megablast

Ray Breakout (hidden game in Rayman)


Protector SE


Cannon Fodder

Brutal Sports Football





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Here are 12 i'd like to see.  We are doing 12 rounds so may as well add a few if you want:


St Ports


-Dragon Breed

-Mr Heli






-Protector Resurgence and/or SE


Regular Release:

-Ruiner Pinball

-Supercross 3D

-Iron Soldier II

-Power Drive Rally 

-Theme Park

-Soccer Kid


Too many more i'd like to play...lol


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