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Home Pong console before Atari's in 1975?


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10 minutes ago, Serguei2 said:

Doesn't Magnavox Odyssey use cartridges?


Even if these cartridges don't have roms.

They are referred to as game cards in the few manuals that I have seen




They were a little board that acted like jumpers, or switch settings, that would trigger the console's main board to play different games.


So the Channel F gets the award for the first "ROM based carts" 



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On 5/5/2020 at 7:58 PM, sanman said:

I won this on an auction few months ago. Looks like a prototype came out 1973 or 74 first home pong unit. Google it Video Arcade ll.

Great retro system...591213321133631BJn2.jfif







817496621133632BJn2.jfif 48.95 kB · 9 downloads 130687921133632BJn2.jfif 78.29 kB · 8 downloads 591213321133631BJn2.jfif 42.32 kB · 8 downloads

That's a Video Action II system, by Universal Research Labs.


IIRC the story behind it is that URL was making the boards for Allied Leisure's Paddle Battle arcade game (as well as for their own Video Action arcade game), but then Allied had a fire at their facility which put the kibosh on that. So URL was left with a bunch of extra boards and parts, and decided to make a home console out of them, which launched in '75. So the Video Action II system is essentially a Paddle Battle/Video Action arcade board in a case with some dials and switches on it, marketed for home use. ?


What's also cool about the Video Action II is that it was also sold in a "commercial" configuration including a television and a coin box and marketed to owners of restaurants, bars, and similar establishments. Apparently it sold better in this guise than as a pure home-use system, since it was quite expensive in the first place (~$500; almost $2,400 today!), and businesses were more likely to afford that kind of investment and could make money with it.

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21 hours ago, sramirez2008 said:

While the pong unit is really cool, I’m more interested in the Magnavox CRT. That particular tv didn’t come with the console did it?

Possibly, but I don't think so. Cursory research indicates they included Broadmoor TVs.





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sramirez2008 I'm actually very lucky.... I found the black and white 12" magnavox crt tv on facebook marketplace, Brand new in the box from 1978. Still has the heat shrink plastic on the tuning knobs. This guy found it in his grandparents basement and sold for 75 dollars. I was really looking for an older b&w tv for the video game system and this became available. Score for me paired up its a great match.

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