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I've been fiddling with this code on and off. Am in quarantine now, so I will try to work between my art and doing this.


I'm a terrible programmer. Have given up on it a thousand times.

Not looking for too many suggestions at this point. I have to break through a wall of understanding this on my own. Mostly posting to have done "something" with it.

This is just simple control and a display of the graphics I have so far.

Use the arrow keys to move (up or down), the forward key will display an arrow to be displayed but do nothing. Space Key loads an arrow that can be shot using the enter key.

I want to create something turn-based inspired by a board-game Idea that was based on the idea that two players could simulate a computer-loop. I have some experience with BASIC, and this is kinda like BASIC, so I'm giving it a whirl.


odzadventure.bas odzadventure.rom

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I was a game I had thought of but have not sat around and gotten the foam board and stuff to create, not am I interested at this time.

I have trouble with GOSUB and Procedures. The compiler will throw errors at me when I use them.

I fixed a couple of bugs I had with the original given up on code, and mastered the #backtab today. I am a bad programmer who has to make sure variables stay within parameters ( I am a master at a loop running away and crashing a program) and/or making a structure I can't figure out how to interact with.

Intybasic is pretty swell and intuitive. Nanochess and his crew did an amazing job on this.


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55 minutes ago, TR4SHD4T4 said:

I have trouble with GOSUB and Procedures. The compiler will throw errors at me when I use them.

The IntyBASIC manual says:

It's erroneous to jump from inside a PROCEDURE to outside of the same PROCEDURE. IntyBASIC will generate an error message in this case.


I wonder if that is what you encountered, as I see in your code that you have at least two points of continue from your pseudo-subroutines. Strictly speaking the code should work just as well if you know where you came from and where you want to end up.

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