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Apple IIe (enhanced) Boot Issue Help


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Need help Troubleshooting my boot problem using the Apple II Diskware DOS 3.3 System Master Disk.

On booting my Apple IIe (enhanced) I get the two beeps, the power light is on, and have this on my screen (Image 1)



On doing Open Apple Reset the following appears (Image 2)


I ran the built-in Diagnostic and the screen says "SYSTEM OK"

I then removed all I/O cards from all slots and now get the prompt upon start-up.



Can anyone help of what do?



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I 'spect your disk is bad, and DOS is crashing to the machine language monitor before it's done loading.  Do you have another disk to try?


I assume with the cards installed, if you turn it on with no disk in the drive it just spins forever, right?  Then you insert a disk and can hear the head move at least once before the second beep when it drops to the machine language monitor, correct?


That ] prompt that you get with all of the cards pulled is the AppleSoft ROM BASIC prompt (this is basically DOS3.3 BASIC without any of the disk IO functionality).  It falls back to that since it can't find a bootable card.


My supposition is that since DOS + Disk BASIC is crashing before it's done loading, the reset vector is screwed up, or the code that it's pointing to is, and that's why control-reset isn't working as you'd expect.


(Make sure you put the cards back in the slots they originally came out of.  Most software expects the disk controller to be in slot 6.)

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Do you have another disk to try?


This kind of thing is extremely common on the Apple II, and is the sort of thing it does with a bad disk. (It can do a bunch of different things depending on what's bad about the disk; you will get to know them all if you're new to the Apple II.)


If it's doing it with all or even a majority of your disks, and you know those disks to work in another Apple II, then clean the heads of your floppy drive.


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I agree that the problem most probably is located at the floppy disk.


If you do not have another one you can download the DOS 3.3 image from Internet archive website for example and send it to the Apple IIe using ADTPro to create a new floppy.


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I've been going over this with the OP on AF. 


Thus far, we have eliminated back disks and a bad controller card. The drop to monitor is likely being caused, by one of the following (in order of what I still suspect):

Bad PSU; insufficient power to support load. 

Bad RAM.

Bad system ROMs.

Damage to slot circuitry. 


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