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SD vs MicroSD version


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Anyone have suggestions to help recommend the SD vs MicroSD version?

I saw a thread about people trying to get WiFi SD card to work, that could possibly be a reason to go for the larger SD slot.


Any other thoughts?

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In my opinion the SD version is the most versatile choice as you can use a MicroSD with an adapter if needed. Either way I see people reporting is hard to find smaller capacity cards especially with MicroSD as it kinda defeated the purpose of getting a larger capacity/smaller form factor card. JMO.

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The SD version is more versatile, but I think people order the microSD version because they already have microSD cards and/or already have devices for writing to microSD cards, but do not have SD cards or a way to write to them.


One advantage of the microSD version, though, is it has a cleaner look, as microSD card sits flush in the case when inserted and the cutout is much smaller, while on the SD version, the SD card sticks out a bit.



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