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New Xbox one owner questions


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I believe the port next to the headphone jack on the bottom of the controller is primarily for the Xbox One chatpad accessory. But I don't own the XB1 chatpad add-on, so I can't say with 100% certainty that my assumption is correct. 




I bought the 360 counterpart shortly after it appeared (Which plugged into a similar port in the same location) and loved it, but I'm just not sending many text messages to people these days on Xbox Live. So I wouldn't get the use out of it to justify the high price of a 1st party chatpad (They seem to go for around $40-$45).


I'm also not sure I like how it looks tacked on in the XB1 iteration. The 360 counterpart looked like it was always there after it was installed and it was invisible to your hands during gameplay beyond some added weight to the controller.



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It was originally for an adapter to use the headset on the controller, but it used a different sized jack than the 360 controller.


Yes it was a stupid decision and promptly fixed for the Xbox One S controller...

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