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Escape From New York for the 2600?

Brian O

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15 minutes ago, orange808 said:

Might use the playfield for blockades.


Might also change the health pack to an "E" so you can draw it will a missile or the ball.


Might be fun to borrow from Beyond Castle Wolfenstein, limit ammo, and require some stealth.  Berzerk set the bar for pure run and gun pretty high already.


Probably don't need to even actually draw bullets.  Muzzle flashes would suffice.


Too bad I'm so busy.  :(


Also, there's no way you get away with using that IP.  Probably better imagined as a zombie apocalypse in Chicago.

I didn’t create this with the intention of anyone developing it. It was just for fun.


Also, I’m not a game developer, so I’m sure there are many things that don’t work/could be improved upon!



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What I would be interested in is someone helping me create a .bin file of the tune from American Bandstand that could be put into a cart. It would play that song when put into an actual console. No game, just American Bandstand, just like in the movie.

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59 minutes ago, Nathan Strum said:

Fun fact: I work where the "World Trade Center lobby" scenes were shot.













Very cool! I’m guessing somewhere in CA? I think the majority of the movie, ironically, was filmed outside of NY.

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13 minutes ago, Brian O said:

Very cool! I’m guessing somewhere in CA? I think the majority of the movie, ironically, was filmed outside of NY.

Yep - California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). About 30 miles north of L.A.


The same location was used a few years earlier in The China Syndrome, too.






We've been on TV too: The Incredible Hulk (pilot episode), Banacek, Murder She Wrote, Six Million Dollar Man, some others. It's fun digging up footage of what this place looked like 40 years ago. In some ways, it hasn't changed a whole lot. Unfortunately, in many of those ways, it probably should have. ;) 

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57 minutes ago, Brian O said:

Most of the city scenes were filmed in St. Louis.

ah, ok.  so close.


I was remembering east st. louis from the fact that for many years, there was a thriving trade in brick salvaged from demolitions there to new construction and renovations out east.


fun urban planning trivia!

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2 hours ago, D Train said:

I kind of miss the world trade center.



Me too. The Freedom Tower is great, but I wish they rebuilt the WTC. My wife's uncle-in-law worked on the towers and made a small scrap book with pics of them being built. Pretty cool.


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