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What the heck is wrong with my LaserActives?!


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So I have two LaserActives now. Just got the 2nd one yesterday thinking my 1st one was not fixable. But now they are both having similar issues and the chances that they are both broken the same way seems way too low... so hopefully someone can tell me what the heck is going on.


One is a JP unit and I have a proper converter to power 100v.

The other is a USA unit.


The JP unit has other insane issues that I'm still trying to figure out, but they both share one issue. When I attempt to use the LD functionality, the video goes into an unreadable scramble. I have tried several TVs and several cords, nothing changes. I have 4 PAC units (1 MegaDrive, 1 PCEngine, 2 Karaoke), they all demonstrate the same scrambled video on both units when attempting to use the LD functionality. However, when I use the PACs directly, to play MegaDrive games for example, everything works fine. 


Can someone tell me what the heck is going on here with TWO units with the same LD scrambled video issue or am I just extremely unlucky?


Video of issue:


Happens this same exact way on both units. And happens this exact same way between the 4 PACs I have. Happens on all TVs I tried, and with all cords I have. The TVs and cords work perfectly fine with a ton of other consoles I have.


What the heck? ?

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