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Copy II+ ProDOS no Sector Editor


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I ask this purely out of curiosity.  During my Apple II days, and even now with the emulator, I use Copy II+ 5.5 a lot.  I love all it's tools, especially the sector editor.  I have always wondered why they left out the sector editor in the ProDOS versions?  Does anybody know?

Thanks and kind regards,


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Hi The Usotsuki.  I did give the sector editor in the ProDOS version a go.  One can now scan for lowerkey text.  Very usefull!  I do find it a little annoying when one goes back to the utilities it needs the disk again.  I have tried v6.0 (first one with ProDOS, as you said) and v9 (the double sided version).  Can I ask why 7.4 has your preference?

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