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NES replacement controller membranes: diagonals gone?

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Last week I ordered a pack of NES controller carbon dot membranes from console5 after being told that they're good quality.  Earlier in the year, I got a bunch from a seller on ebay and the d-pad membranes were terrible.  I could not get diagonals to register when using them.  They felt very nice and clicky, but were unusable in practice.  I got the console5 package on Saturday and lo and behold, I got the same result, no diagonals.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I've cleaned all my controller boards, and the original membranes allow diagonals like normal (I'd like to replace them for the feel, the originals feel weak) so the new membranes must be the issue.  I also got a SNES set and those were fine.

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Just loaded my snes controller with the console5 membrane and got the exact same result. Diagonals are so near impossible to input that the d-pad is effectively useless. My stock membrane worked fine with diagonals/in general and just like you, I was seeking out a replacement so that I would have more tactile feedback from the fresh part. So the search goes on I guess. If anyone has gotten  quality dpad replacement membranes, please share.

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