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Sega game gear no sound

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Fixed Game Gear #1 - clicking sound. Works perfectly now. What it was and what I did:


I went ahead and did a test that you already did - to confirm that it was the main board and not the recapped sound board. I put in a recently recapped sound board that I knew was working and there was no sound (very, very low sound), not even clicking. Then, poking around I found this:




#1 should look like #2, that is, it should be a small hole with some metal around it. This hole connects this trace to the other side of the circuit board. It also happens to connect to ground for many components. Since it was damaged, the negative end of capacitor C42 and the rest of the circuit on this side was not connected to ground. So, I ran a wire from the negative end of C42 to another known ground point. That fixed it.



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Read through this entire thread and went to ebay and bought a couple broken Game Gears. I don't know what it is but some kind of light bulb just flicked on in my head and I suddenly had a hankering to fix electronics. Attended an Electronics course for 2 years at DeVRY in my twenties and haven't had an interest in touching them since.


Just ordered Soldering iron kit, electronics DIY books from Amazon.


Thanks guys. :)


Watch this space for more GG problems.

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