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Magnavox Odyssey2 Games Spreadsheet


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   I´ve been creating spreadsheets to help controlling my collection for some time now. Finally I took the bold move to face Magnavox Odyssey and its numerous releases, variants and oddnesses. ?


   I am not an expert on Odyssey at all. Any help is greatly appreciated. ;-)


   It works fine on Excel and OpenOffice. Apparently it works partially on Google Docs and Numbers (checkboxes doesn´t work on those two).


   Here´s the index:




A little video showing what it does (NOTE: This is for the Intellivision version):



   Any comments, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome. ?


   I´ve made a few other (A2600, A5200, A7800, Coleco, INTV) too.


   All of them can be found here: http://www.lazzeri.online/pub/Checklists.html

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