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Need Sega game gear fixed

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57 minutes ago, chicgamer said:

It might help if you shared what issues you're having. Is the screen too dark to see? Is the Game Gear not powering on? Are there audio issues?


I think we have quite a few members here who do repairs.

Well I got a few of these GG's and I ended up with 2 kinda working ones. Ok so the one has a black line going across the screen. well it's not even a black line it's just duller the the rest. But note I've changed the caps and it's still there.


Then on another one evening works good except the sound note I did change the caps on the sound board and even swapped out sound boards with a known good one, same result. It is making sound tho if I have headphones plugged in you can just barely hear it tho. Note I changed all the caps on the main unit as well. It's not a cap issue I don't think.



Also I have like 2 others that just turn on for a second and shut off... I know that this means there's a short somewhere on the board. Well I've cleaned it up changed the caps and we'll , still same result... I've just about given up on these unless you guys can help. 

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Regarding the Game Gear that has the horizontal line on the screen after you recapped it, it's most likely either the screen or connecting ribbon cables. This is pretty rare. I've only seen 1 out of 100 with a real screen issue and I just decided to turn that one into a McWill LCD Game Gear.


The other 2 that have the power-on-for-a-few-seconds then powers off could be cold solder joints on some of the SMD components. I have encountered a several of these and I fixed them by reflowing the solder joints on all the SMD components around the brightness wheel. I started with all SMDs within an inch radius, then moved out from there until it worked. Your problem might not be the same, but since I've seen this in more than a couple of GGs and fixed them with the same process, I think it could be similar. One giveaway that your problem is the same as the problems that I've encountered is the brightness setting when powering on. If I put the screen up to full brightness, then the GG will power on and off in less than 1 second. If I put the screen brightness down to the minimum, it either will last several seconds before powering off or it won't power off at all. I'd try that to see what happens.



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