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After seeing the latest release of Stella (version 6.2) with it's new custom palette option, I figured that it's a good time to release my Palette Demo that I've been sporadically working on.  Basically, it displays the full 128 color palette of the Atari 2600 with "hue" and "brightness" labels.


I've made ROMs for both NTSC and PAL50.



I'll release the source code after I clean it up and add some more comments.







Source code (as of 6-9-2020):


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Hey All, I've added the source code to the first post. 


I added lots of comments for the code to the 8 Sprite Kernel.  There was a LOT of trial and error to get that kernel working.  I've cleaned up most of the mess.  There is definitely room for improvement in that area (lots of NOPs).  Currently it's quite rigid in that the graphics data is hard-coded, but this could easily be worked around by using the DPC+ bankswitching scheme.  There's probably other ways the code can be arranged to make it more flexible; I only stopped because I accomplished what I wanted to do with it.


Also, I removed the quick and dirty kernel hack I had to add to fix the PAL version right before posting the binaries.  So... the posted binaries are slightly out-of-date and don't quite match the posted source code.  I don't think it makes too much of a difference since you all have the source code and can build it yourselves.  If need be, I can update the post to have the matching binaries.  :)


If anyone has any questions, comments, complaints, please let me know.

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