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FIXED: Orion's game roms

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Regarding the roms for the jaguar from Orion that are being sold on itch io.

I have run Alice's Mon's rescue successfully on the JagGD.

I cannot get Escape 2042 whotsit game to run on the JagGD. The default Escape.J64 rom, the header load and run address is not recognised and the JagGD offers to load and run at $4000 or to run as a header less rom at load and run $80200. Neither option works.

I can run the rom in virtual jaguar!?!?

There is no .mrq file, my skunkboard has stopped working, the Web page I purchased the rom from states to use the rom on the JagGD.

As for the Elansar rom I do not have this.

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I could have access to a Gamedrive cart the other week and I could test all my games (rom and Jaguar CD), they all work perfectly fine.

You just need to convert the CDI file of the game to a JCD file using the JCD ISO Converter tool provided by retrohq.

You can get my games here: https://orionsoft.itch.io/


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