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Amazon secretly selling on eBay?


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Has anyone else lately ordered something from eBay only to have it arrive in Amazon packaging with Amazon receipts? I've had this happen twice in the last month. One thing I like about eBay is that they always email by USPS and I can just pick it up at the mail area in my apartment building. With Amazon, it was either going to the main office or they would try to leave it at my apartment door which has resulted in them leaving it in the wrong place twice (or someone stole in from my door). Now, with COVID, they are banned from entering the building and the office does not accept packages, so it ends up going to a pickup location. Once, strangely, it was at a UPS access store.


I think Amazon has probably seen a big drop in sales due to not being able to drop off packages at apartment buildings like USPS still can and is posing on eBay as inconspicuous sellers. I've never seen any mention of the items on eBay being affiliated with Amazon in their ads.

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Thanks for the feedback. It wouldn't be so annoying if Amazon's delivery hadn't been an issue twice in the last year and now I have to go pick up any item they ship at some drop off location. I don't want to use Amazon, but get stuck doing it anyways unawares so its frustrating.

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I bought a new dremil on ebay a few months ago and it was sent from an amazon seller. I was confused for a second and was thinking to myself "I'm sure I ordered this from Ebay". Then I put two and two together and realized what had happened. I couldn't care less. If someone makes an extra buck that is great. I got what I wanted at a price that I liked. Ebay, Amazon, Aliexpress, whatever. :)


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