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Phaser Patrol High Score


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I've been playing Phaser Patrol a lot lately.  I think it's replaced Starmaster as my favorite Star Raiders clone on the 2600.  (I know it's kinda cheating since it uses the additional memory from the Supercharger, but still).  I've gotten Pilot Level A a number of times, and Ace Level B a couple of times, but I can't get any higher.  Has anyone managed to get Ace Level A?  Do you have to set the right A/B to A for that?  I tried that once and died REAL quick... 


Apologies for the poor screenshots.  Apparently, however the game is displaying the score in Stella, it doesn't work well with screen captures.




Annotation 2020-05-18 134208.png

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Phaser Patrol is my favorite 1st person space shooter.    The graphics, replay value, and complexity of this Starpath game when it came out in '82 were VERY impressive.  I have only managed to attain top ranking once.  This is BITD, so real hardware, screenshot captured on 35mm film.  

I usually run with my shields down (better visibility/energy savings)(you cannot do this on a 7800 or a AFB9/X)

On this particular occasion I got lucky. Several uncleared sectors were empty (energy savings) !


Also, I don't believe in the no-win scenario and I don't like to lose! 


Phaser Patrol.png

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