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HSC17 Round 12 Poll

Pick some games innit  

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  1. 1. A selection from the games list!

    • Pit Stop
    • Koronis Rift
    • Fire Chief
    • Jet Set Willy 2019
    • Asteroids (arcade emulator version)
    • Zybex
    • Pharaoh Theme Round (3 Weeks)

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I've played my fair share of JSW on C64 and a little on the Speccy. Decent game but not one of the ones for which my heart beats the fastest. One of my friends is a dedicated collector of Software Projects games though and is of a different opinion on the MM/JSW games. :)

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Aha, in Pitstop 1 you earn prize money besides championship points? Would we play a grand circuit at a given difficulty level, either for total points or for most prize money in case those differ?


I understand that the sequel is not highly regarded on the A8, and that Epyx by 1984 was starting to steer more towards the C64.

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Yeah, it is only 2.5 months ago we played Montezuma Again which is roughly similar to at least Pharaoh's Curse though I understand that "Pharaoh Theme Round" would include more games like Pharaoh's Pyramid, perhaps Crypts of Egypt, King Tut's Tomb, Tutankham etc.


We'll see how the next round is set up. I saw that Pitstop last was played in September 2011 [HSC 8] as some form of team event with six different races and max 2 attempts on each race:



Race A – 9 laps Pro - Single Kyalami

Race B – 9 laps Pro - Single St.Jovite
Race C – 6 laps Semi Pro - Mini circuit
Race D – 9 laps Semi Pro - Mini circuit
Race E – 6 laps Pro – Mini Circuit
Race F – 9 laps Pro – Grand Circuit

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