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What Are Some Games You'd Like To See On NES And SNES Online?


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My picks would be:


NES: Kung Fu and Pinball


SNES: DKC 1-3 and maybe some Satelleview games


DKC and Kung Fu would probably be a little hard to have put on the apps since Nintendo didn't develop them, and Kung Fu, in particular, is a licensed based game in Japan (It shares the same name and characters as Spartan X A.K.A Wheels On Meals), but they are both big games that are absent from their apps. I want Pinball on there just because it's an underrated pinball game.

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^_^ I'm always telling people what I'd like to see for NES/SNES Online.   Here's my wish-list, which will probably never see light of day due to licensing/etc.




A Boy and his Blob

Batman (Sunsoft)


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

Little Nemo: The Dream Master

Mighty Final Fight

Rad Racer I and II

Tetris (Nintendo)





Chrono Trigger

Donkey Kong Country




Super Mario RPG

Top Gear 1 and 2

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Great thread. This was made for me, since I was about to come on here and ask the probability of this ever coming to Steam or Switch (not that I have Switch, but someday I may). 


Was watching the movie Nintendo Quest and learned about a game with which I wasn't familiar: Cowboy Kid. Looked up a video. Would love to interact with it. Unfortunately, out of my price range. So...what are the chances? I recently found out about (and acquired) the trio of Shadowgate/Deja Vu/Uninvited being on Steam in original Nintendo Entertainment System versions. Would love to see Kid head there as well. 


I second the motion of Batman, as I was recently watching that movie. Checked a video of that one: strangely, didn't seem to follow the movie that much, but maybe I didn't watch the gameplay long enough. 


Boy and His Blob I have for Wii Virtual Console, but it would be nice to have it elsewhere, as my Wii is not always available. 


Just in general, I think an effort should be made to make most video games available to legally buy. Or, barring that, I wish in my area there were game stores that would allow you to rent the games (but play them on-premises, I would imagine). I assume that business model exists somewhere...


Going beyond the general, off the top of my head, Beetlejuice and Monster in My Pocket (I think that's the latter's title) would be others for me to wish about. I've always found movie/television licenses to be fascinating pieces of history. Would love to see Gilligan's Island up, and that makes me think -- why was there no Brady Bunch NES game? Missed opportunity... 

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