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Does Game Select work with Harmony ?


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Just got my rebuilt 2600 and a Harmony cartridge.  After loading a game, should the game select switch work to be able to select a 2 player game?  Game select does nothing on my console.  I dont have any actual cartridges to compare against to see if the switch works with actual cartridges.  Am I doing something wrong or should that switch be able to cycle through the variations of a game?

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It depends on the game. The console switches are under software control, therefore their functions can change from game to game. Refer to the instructions of the specific game you're trying (you'll find most manuals on the main AtariAge webpage, but also on Atarimania, the Internet Archive and many other places). The Harmony cannot alter the functionality of the switches, so if they don't work properly, it's a hardware problem.


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