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Reading Pots for directional Control

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I'm trying to read the Paddle Controllers, and I'm not sure I'm doing it correctly.


Basically, if the pot is discharged before the scanline on which the pot is read, a variable is incremented by 1.


I'm specifically trying to read the pots on scanlines 76 and 116. In order to determine a direction.

  • If the discharge occurs before scanline 76, the variable value is set to 2 - indicating "right" or "down".
  • If the discharge occurs after scanline 76, but before scanline 116, the variable value is set to 1 indicating "centered"
  • And if the discharge occurs after scanline 116, the variable value is set to 0 - indicating "left" or "up".


I understand a centered pot is actually around scanline 190. I am not expecting to use the full range of the pot.


I just have a simple question. Am I reading the pots correctly? I based this code on Thomas Jentzsch's paddle reading example on the MiniDig.


HV0 is memory address $80

HV1 is memory address $82


HV0, HV0+1, HV1, and HV1+1 get reset to zero at the end of the frame after the results get evaluated.


;; Check P0 Pot 0 - Horizontal
      lda INPT0
      bmi IncH0
      .byte $2c
      inc HV0
;; Check P0 Pot 1 - Vertical
      lda INPT1
      bmi IncV0
      .byte $2c
      inc HV0+1
;; Check P1 Pot 0 - Horizontal
      lda INPT2
      bmi IncH1
      .byte $2c
      inc HV1
;; Check P1 Pot 1 - Vertical
      lda INPT3
      bmi IncV1
      .byte $2c
      inc HV1+1





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So I couldn't figure out why my code wasn't working, but I finally realized why. Stupidly, I didn't understand how the D7 bit on VBLANK works. But I've gotten it to work. A little hard to test it as the emulators don't support the paddles working as a self-centering joystick/gamepad hat.


But my code works for my Broomsticks (Quidditch ripoff) game. (Under development for 15 years)


My plan is to implement a hypothetical 2600 controller in the Mr. Boehm hardware to support it.

See - Mr.Boehm


The pots on each port will be used as the X,Y axis of a joystick.


SWCHA (P0 - bits: 6,5,4; P1 - Bits: 2,1,0) will serve as 3 fire buttons per controller.

SWACNT will be set to .byte #%10001000 - and will be used to activate/deactivate "rumble" on both left/right ports for all controllers that support vibration.


Of course, this would only work with a homebrew game specifically designed to support it.


I've attached some code. The only aspect of what is described above that's implemented, is just left right of P0.


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