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Slightly Broken 5200


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So I bought a perfectly working Atari 5200 which was completely ruined in shipping. Pieces of it fell off, and stuff like that. But it still powers on and displays video. When I put in any game, (for example here, Pac-Man) it will turn on and display the atari logo, with a bunch of garbled text beneath it. Then, a few seconds later, it boots to a junk screen where I can just make out the words, "Pac Man". Then nothing happens after that. Is there anything I can do to fix this?  



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Well there are number of things it could be. First guess is one or both of the graphic chips are at fault. With those I start with the ANTIC and then the GTIA. But I've also seen corrupted graphics like this when the actual RAM is faulty in the system.


Are you able to actually get it to start a game by pressing start etc? If you can and hear it okay, that at least isolates the issue to video since RAM issues would likely cause the system to lock up at that point when trying to start a game.


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No, the game doesn't start. I just got done cleaning the controller it came with and it didn't do anything. When I listen to the audio closely, I can hear a slight buzzing sound on the menu. I already tried opening up the system, and it looks fine. I just can't get the rf shield out. I've tried straightening the tabs with pliers, and it still doesn't come out, so I can't get a close look at all of the chips and stuff.


Edit: It can display graphics. I put in Dig-Dug, and after waiting a little bit on the glitched out title screen, it went to a demo that looked fine. The only thing that looked weird was the text on the top. So it does display graphics, but the games don't start and the text is weird on them.

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